October 3rd has been confirmed.

At 13:30 this coming Thursday, Leeds City Council Plans Panel will meet to decide the fate of our homes and our community.

Will we get the chance to represent ourselves at this life-changing meeting? NO!

Cllr Caroline Gruen, Chair of Plans Panel, has decided we cannot speak. 

In May , we were given just four minutes to speak in defence of our houses, our community and our lives; this time, we are given none.

This is despite Leeds City Council declaring at the last Plans Panel meeting that they needed to learn more about the impact any eviction will have on our community. This is despite the extraordinary impact any decision will have on our lives and the environment. We are not alone in feeling this is a kick in the teeth.

  • Lib Dem Councillor Stuart Golton says that Cllr Gruen is prioritising timekeeping over people’s lives.
  • Lib Dem Councillor Carmel Harrison has called it undemocratic.
  • Indep Cllr Mark Dobson has called it a disgrace and has complained to the Director of City Development.

Thank you for raising your voices!

Why are we being silenced? Is the decision already made? This censorship is adding to a heap of anxieties that our neighbours are already experiencing.

Who will speak about the SOCIAL IMPACT the demolition will have on our community?

Who will speak about the ECONOMIC IMPACT that eviction will have on residents and the Council, when 70 families turn up at their door, homeless.

Who will speak about the HERITAGE IMPACT this demolition will have on the local area?

Who will speak about the CLIMATE IMPACT that demolition and construction will have on the environment?

Even though we can’t speak at the Plans Panel meeting, we will still make our voices heard.

Join us outside Leeds Civic Hall on Thursday 3rd October at 12:30pm to protest.

You can also Tweet Cllr Caroline Gruen @CllrCarolineG and urge her to change her mind about allowing us to represent ourselves.


Thanks to all who continue to support us.

Sisters Uncut
Huge thanks to Leeds Sisters Uncut for protesting against our potential eviction.
15 Oct
Neighbours from Wordsworth Drive and Sugar Hill Close outside Leeds Civic Hall in 2018


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