‘We are England’ BBC documentary about our community’s fight and loss

The BBC have an ongoing documentary series exploring issues faced by people across the country. One of their latest episodes, aired last night, is about our community and the fight to save our homes. BBC Producer Elliott and his team spent several months filming Cindy and John, Linda, Mavis and Barry, and other neighbours on our estate as they approached, and overstayed, eviction day.

It’s available to watch on BBC iPlayer now – please watch and share. The BBC team have done a wonderful job in showing our close-knit community and the stress the whole eviction process has created for residents (thank you Elliott!). There are also beautiful birds-eye shots of the estate and residents’ homes… this footage will be some of the last that captures our historic two streets before they are demolished.

Watch on BBC iPlayer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00157j4/we-are-england-a-place-called-home-fighting-for-our-homes-leeds

We Are England

A Place Called Home: Fighting for Our Homes – Leeds

Neighbours on a Leeds housing estate fight to keep their community together when faced with eviction from their privately rented homes, that have stood since the 1950s. 

The residents’ battle highlights the strength of community in working-class neighbourhoods and speaks to issues of gentrification seen across the country. This film follows several residents on the estate in the weeks leading up to their eviction, as they desperately fight for more time and for their community to stay together.”

One thought on “‘We are England’ BBC documentary about our community’s fight and loss

  1. I am up late and have BBC One on the TV that’s showing BBC News.
    My attention was grabbed by the story of residences on a estate in Leeds that are being forced to leave their homes because the landlord wants to demolish the estate.
    I feel for everyone who lives there and admire their strength in fighting back and staying put.


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