“Hanging on” to our homes

Residents of Wordsworth Drive and Sugar Hill Close took part in a rather unusual activity this weekend…

Brave volunteers from the estate were hoisted up by a crane and filmed clinging on to the side of their homes, which of course offers a visual representation of how so many are feeling at the moment.

The film Hanging on is being made by Cosmosquare films. Creative Producer Hollie Bryan and Director Aflie Barker explain that it “combines artistic visuals of residents suspended in mid-air, literally hanging onto their homes, in this docu-drama about strength when people come together, and what it means to have a home“.

We’re excited to have the chance to share our story in a novel way and looking forward to the final film! Thanks Hollie and the team for giving us this opportunity… and for hoisting everyone so safely.

It was bloomin’ cold though…

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