Local elections 2019: A thank you and a welcome

Last Thursday saw local council elections that shook the country, as well as our small estate on the outskirts of Leeds. Nationally, the country told the government via the ballot box: things have got to change. The Tories lost a humiliating 1300+ seats, Labour lost over 80, while the Lib Dems, Greens and various Independents swelled their councillor numbers. It remains to be seen whether politics at the top will see much of a change as a result.

Regardless, these were local elections and, locally, we also saw a significant change that reflected the national mood. Last Thursday Karen Bruce, Labour Councillor for the Rothwell Ward, lost the seat she has held since 2011.

Wordsworth Drive Today
Karen Bruce (third from left) with fellow Labour member David Nagle (third from Right) and residents of Wordsworth Drive and Sugar Hill Close

A Thank You

Karen has taken a special interest in our campaign. She has worked really hard in public and behind the scenes to make sure our voices were heard and to support us to keep our homes. She has joined us in marches, organised council meetings, supported fundraising and offered the helping hands of her family whenever she could. Karen: thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you can still be a part of the campaign whatever you choose to do next, and you will always be welcome on the estate for a cup of tea and biscuits. Thanks to you and all of your Labour colleagues.

A Welcome

The seat was won by Councillor Diane Chapman of the Liberal DemocratsCongratulations and welcome Diane! This is the first time Diane has stood as a candidate and she joins Lib Dem councillors Stuart Golton and Carmel Harrison who have also long-supported our campaign to prevent eviction

Diane has lived in Rothwell most of her life, organising many of the town’s festivals as she sits on the Rothwell & District Carnival Committee. Diane: we really look forward to seeing you on the estate and very much hope you can continue to support the campaign for us to keep our wonderful Airey homes. Do pop over for a cup of tea any time!

Screenshot 2019-05-06 16.51.51.png
Lib Dem councillors Stewart Golton and Carmel Harrison (first two from left) and ex-Labour Councillor Karen Bruce (centre). Photo: Twitter @GoltonStewart 



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