Objection! Objection! Objection!


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This week Pemberstone submitted a few revisions to their planning application. It was a clever move, just before the Leeds City Council Planning Panel have to sit and approve or reject the case, as it doesn’t leave much time for objections. But object we must!

What they have proposed is a removal of 5-bed properties altogether, a decrease in 4-bed properties from 43 to 26, an increase in 3-bed properties from 16 to 25 and an additional 9 2-bed properties.

This shows that the company recognise that luxury executive housing (5 bedrooms!!!) is not appropriate for the area, which is populated by hard-working families who could only dream of earning enough to afford such homes. Thus, the change could potentially be a good one.

But does it pass the #SaveOurHomesLS26 ethical development test? Let’s check the main criteria:

  • Does it increase the number of affordable houses? NO
  • Does it guarantee that “affordable” refers to rental rates as well as sales? NO
  • Does it guarantee that current residents will get first refusal for tenancies on the new development (with affordable rental rates)? NO
  • Does it change anything at all about the situation of current residents for the better? NO


 Our survey says EH-EURGH. 

Unsurprisingly, these adjustments offer no assurance to the current residents, no protections for their families, and nowhere to go when the tenancy is up.

The only thing it offers is some amelioration for Leeds City Council, who may have raised questions about how exactly Pemberstone’s apparent “like for like” replacement of 70 two and three beds involves building dozens of four and five beds (?!).

This is why we need your help again.

Please help us show Pemberstone and Leeds City Council that this is simply not good enough. They both need to start putting residents’ concerns and interests first – and that involves protecting and refurbishing 70 perfectly good, historically valuable, affordable family homes.

Submit a new objection for us through the Leeds City Council comments section here:


OR by searching the reference 17/06933/FU on the Leeds City Council Planning website.



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