The campaign gains momentum…

It has certainly been a busy couple of weeks for everyone on Wordsworth Drive and Sugar Hill Close – and that’s not even counting the snow. Residents have continued tweeting and emailing anyone and everyone who could offer support or guarantees of protection, and we managed to get our story featured in The Guardian. The response to that story was fantastic with over 1000 shares and 400 comments. As a direct result of this we heard from the Foxhill community in Bath who have recently won their 4 and a half year battle against a similar redevelopment proposal (hurrah!), experts in crowd sourced fundraising offering to help our cause, and general well wishers who sympathised with the situation. One of the positive things to come from this campaign is that it has connected us to so many great people and organisations across the country who are offering their advice, solidarity and friendship.

Following on from this story we’ve had further interest from the media, with (hopefully) more stories to follow. There might also be a bit of good news on the historical preservation front: Leeds City Council have recognised the heritage value in our Airey homes. On a report uploaded to the planning portal, they acknowledge that, not only are our homes one of the largest remaining Airey housing sites in the region (if not the country), but also that Sir Edwin Airey, the designer, was a Leeds lad himself. Watch this space for follow up on these developments!

This is just a quick post with a brief update to say thanks to everyone for your continued support – it is really making a difference.

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