70 families face eviction – help us to save our homes

Wordsworth Drive Today

In November 2017, Pemberstone (Oulton Properties) Ltd submitted a planning application to develop 71 new market-price houses in Oulton, a town near Leeds. This will result in the demolition of 70 houses, which are currently the homes of 70 low-income families and pensioners. It must be stopped – please help us to #SaveOurHomesLS26.

Members of the Residents Action Group made a deposition to Leeds City Council





One thought on “70 families face eviction – help us to save our homes

  1. This is a total outrage ..and far from people not caring ..I suggest that if you start a campaign now ..you will discover that most people will be behind you …you must give them a good solid front backed by public opinion ……if we all get our MPs , and people like Mr Dennis Skinner on board its possible …I believe it really is possible to save your community…..contact Mr Corbyn and tha Labour party for help ..get that petition going and jolly good luck to all of you ……Redxx


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